Mobil Unterwegs - Travel in old age

from | Sep 2, 2022

Vacation time is the most wonderful time! However, people with a physical limitation are faced with the challenge of travel planning. This usually takes a lot of time and must definitely be clarified before the start of the vacations. You can find helpful support here.

"As we all know, good planning is everything" or as we say, "Extensive vacation planning is the cornerstone of any vacation", especially when it comes to traveling with a handicap. 

Beforehand, there is a long list of questions that every vacationer with a handicap almost automatically goes through in his head:

  • Is my hotel barrier-free? 
  • How can I reach the beach and sights?
  • Is the landscape manageable for me?
  • Can I go by car? 
  • What do I have to pay attention to when flying?

The right choice of vacation destination

The choice of vacation destination is essential for older people: In addition to travel options and conditions, the climate should also be taken into account. Those who suffer from circulatory diseases, for example, should avoid hot and humid regions.

Beach vacations in tourist regions are particularly popular among seniors. Here, the necessary infrastructure is in place, the surroundings are flat, and the beaches are inviting for short and long walks.

City trips are also well suited for older travelers: there are interesting cultural and tourist attractions, and there are also a variety of transportation options within the cities; there are restaurants and hotels tailored to their needs.

On the other hand, older people should avoid destinations that are known primarily for their party-loving guests. So when choosing a hotel, pay attention to the location and surroundings in this respect as well.

But even a supposedly relaxed vacation in the mountains poses challenges - especially when travelers have limited mobility. However, here, too, there are increasingly places that have, for example, appropriate cable cars, with which even people who are no longer so agile are given the opportunity to explore and discover the mountain world.

Choosing the right hotel

Hotels have increasingly specialized in older guests and provide corresponding offers. As a rule, these establishments are already geared to seniors in terms of furnishings and equipment: The paths are shorter and at ground level, there are elevators, height-adjustable beds and easily accessible bathrooms. In addition, there are often special sports activities for older people, excursion destinations nearby and meals suitable for senior citizens.

The right means of transport to the vacation

"Many roads lead to Rome" they say; and so it is. Whether by car, by plane, by train or by sea. In addition to the actual luggage, there is often more to take along in old age. Medication and other aids are indispensable but an obstacle on the way to vacation. At least with wheelchairs there are possibilities to be more flexible and space-saving on the way. A new generation of foldable electric wheelchairs can support you considerably here.

Due to the low weight and the folding function, the aid leaves room in the trunk for the important things like suitcase and souvenirs. Even in the narrow train, the wheelchair is easily stowed. Thanks to the removable batteries, it can be folded and stored in the belly of the plane, so it can also be taken overseas. More information about foldable electric wheelchairs can be found here.

Wheelchair loan option

Do you have a wheelchair that supports you optimally at home but is rather unsuitable for traveling? Then use the option of loan. Foldable wheelchairs can also be rented. This is an easy way to get a lightweight foldable companion for your vacation. You can see availabilities and prices here.

Only flying is more beautiful

The most strenuous part of flying in old age is sitting for long periods. This calls not only for patience, but also for invigorating vein training. Your legs are subjected to enormous strain, especially on long-haul flights. To prevent thrombosis, doctors recommend the following:

  • Drink enough
  • Do not wear tight stockings
  • Get up every now and then
  • Feet flat on the floor, lift heels
  • Wear compression stockings (ask your doctor!)

Long-haul flights are often not direct flights. Take the opportunity and take a break at the "place of interruption". For example, check into a hotel near the airport to give your body a night's rest.

Sleep in a good bed will be a grateful alternative to the airplane chair. However, if you plan to take such a break, be sure to specify this when booking the trip.

Have I forgotten anything?

  1. Checkup at the doctor - Have a thorough checkup before a trip again
  2. Refresh vaccinations - Discuss all necessary vaccinations with your doctor.
  3. Medication check - Do you have enough stock of your medications?
  4. Documents complete - Check if all necessary documents are available
  5. Travel cancellation insurance - If the trip can not be taken, it is worth a travel cancellation insurance

After careful preparation, nothing will stand in the way of the most beautiful days of the year!