Stay mobile in old age

from | Sep 2, 2022

Anyone whose mobility is impaired due to physical limitations in old age will have to resort to an aid such as a wheelchair in the long term. A wheelchair gives you back the mobility that can be lost due to physical limitations in old age. A wheelchair enables you to participate in social life again and significantly improve your quality of life and your range of motion.

For whom is a wheelchair suitable? 

Wheelchairs are an essential and indispensable aid in everyday life for many people. On the one hand, they support people with physical limitations to restore their range of motion, and on the other hand, they contribute significantly to improving the psyche and quality of life. Even in the case of a temporary physical limitation, suitable wheelchair models can easily be rented. 

Application to the health insurance company

A wheelchair is a factual product and can in principle be prescribed by your doctor at the expense of the health insurance. The important thing here is that the wheelchair can enable you to meet the basic needs of daily life. If you have received a prescription from your doctor, a test report will be drawn up by a specialist consultant. Here the suitable wheelchair for you will be defined and tested. After successful testing, an application for cost absorption is submitted to your health insurance company. This can take some time and bureaucratic work. It is advisable to place the process in the hands of professionals to ensure a quick and secure procedure. You can find help and advice here.

Wheelchair without prescription

However, many people who need a wheelchair are reluctant to obtain one through their health insurance. The hurdle with an aid on prescription is certainly the bureaucratic and time-consuming effort that you have to take on yourself. In addition, there are further appointments with the doctor, correspondence and telephone calls with the health insurance company. Of course, you can also buy a wheelchair and thus secure your way to new mobility more quickly. You can find out which wheelchair best suits you and your needs with the help of a personal consultation. You can get expert support right here.

Freedom and flexibility

Mobile and independent - this is often difficult to achieve with conventional wheelchairs. But with a foldable electric wheelchair, you can get around at the highest technical level. With low weight, a minimal space requirement and the large range, foldable electric wheelchairs adapt perfectly to your needs and integrate seamlessly into your everyday life. Best of all, they can be taken along in cars, airplanes and ships at any time. 

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Wheelchair models at a glance:

Basically, wheelchairs can be divided into six groups:

  • Standard manual wheelchairs

The user must be pushed by another person, so the wheelchair is only suitable as a temporary mobility aid, e.g. as a means of transport in clinics, retirement homes or airports.

Your advantage:

No adjustments to the user necessary.


Unsuitable as a permanent solution. In addition, very heavy because usually made of steel tubes.

  • Lightweight wheelchair

The user drives the wheelchair by his own physical strength. Suitable for people who have a good condition in the upper body.

Your advantage:

Very light because usually made of aluminum.


User often has to exert a lot of force to move around.

  • Active wheelchair (also: adaptive wheelchair)

Can be operated without much effort, making it much easier to move around independently.

Your advantage:

Individually adaptable to users.


User must in any case apply muscle power to move around.

  • Multifunctional wheelchair

Designed for people with severe impairments who can barely move under their own power. 

Your advantage:

Multiple adaptations to human needs possible.


Not necessarily suitable for all users.

  • Electric wheelchairs

Electrically operated wheelchairs are particularly suitable for people who can barely move their arms or have little strength.

Your advantages:

No to very little muscle power required, large range of motion.


Comparatively heavier than manual wheelchairs.

  • Electric folding wheelchairs

Electrically powered wheelchairs for people with little or no arm strength, but who want to continue to participate actively and independently in life.

Your advantages:

Lighter than normal electric models, easy to carry, no muscle power needed and large range of motion


Heavier and wider than other models.