Wheelchairs - mobile independence

from | Oct 6, 2022

You can obtain your wheelchair from your health insurance company on prescription. As a rule, you only have to pay the statutory co-payment of 5 euros or a maximum of 10 euros. And it doesn't matter whether you need a manual or even a power wheelchair.

A wheelchair gives relatives back the mobility that can be lost due to physical limitations in old age. A wheelchair offers the opportunity to actively participate in social life again. This allows not only the quality of life, but also the range of motion of your relative to be significantly improved and expanded. And best of all, your investment is very low due to your health insurance.

Wheelchairs also help quickly in the event of a temporary physical limitation. The model can simply be borrowed and then returned when it is no longer needed. Foldable models in particular are practical to transport even in cars with small trunks, making them a faithful companion inside and out.

For whom is a wheelchair suitable?

Wheelchairs are an important aid in everyday life for many people to live independently again. The wheelchair makes mobility possible again for people with physical limitations. A positive side effect is also the psychological effect, which goes hand in hand with the improvement of the quality of life.

With classic wheelchair models, the wheels are driven by hand by your relative or he or she can be pushed. If you want to spare your relative's joints, an electric scooter is an alternative. In the case of greater mobility difficulties, an electric wheelchair is a possibility.

The foldable electric wheelchair

Mobile and independent - this is often difficult to achieve with conventional wheelchairs. But the electric wheelchair from Fellerhoff MED-TEC now enables you to get around using an electric wheelchair at the highest technical level. With its low weight, minimal space requirement and long range, the foldable Fellerhoff power wheelchair adapts perfectly to your requirements and integrates seamlessly into your everyday life.

Technically at the highest level

Through the use of simultaneously lightweight as well as particularly stable and robust aluminum from aircraft construction, the electric wheelchair inspires with a weight of only 27 kg in the standard version. Due to the simple and stable folding mechanism, the wheelchair allows great flexibility and portability. The foldable electric wheelchair from Fellerhoff is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfectly adapted to your personal needs. It scores with height-adjustable footrest, fold-up armrests, as well as flexible controls.

High range and highest portability

Stay flexible and mobile despite limitations: The foldable electric wheelchair from Fellerhoff offers you the comfort of a high-quality, stable and durable means of transportation in combination with maximum range, high load limits and an optimal possibility to take along. Of course, our models meet the highest safety standards.