Movement is everything, the direction decides

from | Aug 28, 2023

The Volksrolli offers the comfort of a high-quality, stable and durable means of transport in combination with maximum range, high load limit and an optimal possibility to take along. It can be perfectly adapted to one's own needs and, with its minimal space requirement, can be effortlessly integrated into everyday life. It impresses with the highest technical level and excellent quality, characterized by comfort and ease of design and handling as well as the highest safety standards. All in all, the Volksrolli is a compact and reliable mobility aid. Convince yourself!

Now the foldable electric wheelchair presents itself in a completely new design.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Volksrolli has a different control unit including a display for showing speed, battery status and error messages. Its front and rear lights can be operated electrically via the control unit, as can the turn signals. Depending on requirements, the control unit can be flexibly mounted on the left or right and is adjustable in length. Via the joystick, the electric wheelchair can be moved 360 degrees around and the direction as well as the speed can be steplessly controlled up to 6km/h. The sound of its horn is clearly audible. The sound of its horn is clearly perceptible as a signal tone. Its outstanding unique selling point is the ability to tilt the backrest by up to 20° degrees. This is achieved by means of a lever that is now very easy to reach under the armrest. In addition, its ergonomic seat cushion is even more comfortable.

Other equipment

For side entry and exit, the armrests can be folded up on both sides. The anti-slip footrest can be adjusted to three different positions and folded in completely if required. In addition, several storage compartments (on the underside and on the backrest) and a cup holder are standard. For added safety, there is an anti-tip device and for improved handling, the batteries are located in the frame. One battery charge covers an impressive range of up to 24 kilometers. In addition, the Volksrolli is quite easy to transport. In its standard version, it weighs a total of 28 kilograms. When the batteries are removed and the two rear wheels are removed in a few simple steps, the weight is reduced to a light 13 kilograms. With its user-friendly and stable folding mechanism, the power wheelchair is very flexible and portable. It can even be easily transported in small trunks, making it a practical companion when traveling. When it comes to air travel, the batteries can simply be removed and stowed in the hand luggage and the Volksrolli folded up and checked in as normal luggage. Even in the event of a temporary physical limitation, the Volksrolli can easily be rented for a short period and then returned when there is no longer any need for it.


  • Raised seat cushion (for improved and more individual ergonomics)
  • Travel bag
  • Care control set, manual as well as electric
  • Headrest
  • Stick holder
  • Drink holder
  • Telescopic ramp

With a doctor's prescription and health insurance approval, the Volksrolli is available free of charge.

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