Mobility in old age is a matter of trust!

from | Oct 28, 2022

Mobility is the key to our quality of life - in old age more than ever. Appropriate assistance is therefore essential. But how do you find the right, trustworthy partner and what distinguishes them?

"Mobility determines our existence," as the saying goes. This becomes particularly clear when and where it is restricted: in old age, for example. This can be counteracted with technical solutions, including foldable electric wheelchairs

However, those affected are usually at a loss at first when faced with a huge selection of similar offers and providers: Each of them seems to have everything and offer everything. This does not help to spontaneously build up trust in one of the competitors. But trust is enormously important, because trust means security - for everyone involved and for the future.

It is difficult to find the optimal solution for your own situation in the wide range of products on offer. Here are a few starting points for recognizing "the right one.

Compare - experience - be convinced: In three steps to the perfect e-wheelchair

The first tip: Start with what you can see, grasp and measure to see the differences! That is: What are the dimensions of the individual e-wheelchair, both when unfolded and folded? Does it offer comfortable space when unfolded and is it particularly handy when folded?

What material is it made of? Is it robust and yet not too heavy? Is it stable and safe to drive, with non-tipping, non-slip tires? Can the e-roller be used indoors and outdoors? Can it be taken along on a trip by ship or airplane? We recommend, for example, a sturdy aluminum design, as used in aircraft construction, a weight of less than 30 kg, and dimensions that do not exceed 65 x 80 x 35 cm when folded.

Be sure to test your new e-wheelchair "live"! Does it sit comfortably, does the upholstery convey a pleasant feeling? Do the seat width and depth fit? Are you satisfied with the backrest height and angle?

What about the equipment? Which functions come as standard, and which can be upgraded or retrofitted to meet your specific needs? Proven features include fully retractable footrests in non-slip design, fold-up armrests, control consoles that can be mounted on the left or right, and practical storage compartments - all equipment details that significantly increase comfort. 

Let's stay with the measurable values for a moment. In everyday life, the performance data are decisive in addition to the equipment. What turning circle does your new e-wheelchair have and (even more important) what range? Can it be recharged quickly or does it take its time? Excellent values are a charging time of about 3.5 hours and a range of 30 km or more.

Advice, service, feedback: What you should also pay attention to

You may even have the opportunity to talk to a provider 's employees by phone or in person. Then you should pay attention to fair, open, transparent advice that also keeps possible obstacles in mind and names them, that thinks outside the box, i.e.: the actual wheelchair, and thinks ahead. Do you experience consultation at eye level, with competence, friendliness and time for everything essential? One of the few points of which you cannot form your own picture in advance is the assessment of whether delivery, assembly and instruction are carried out by experienced, customer-oriented, professionally trained and, above all, the company's own personnel.

A look at the company itself might also help you with your orientation: Is it a highly experienced provider, a proven technology, an established system, a team of its own permanent employees?

To use comparable figures once again: verifiable reports of thousands of satisfied customers, low complaint rates, above-average speed of resolution or possibly also an excellent satisfaction index in surveys are an advantage. (Success) figures create trust!

If you then still look into the future: Is there a reliable, fast and competent service? Is it easily accessible, friendly and accommodating at almost all times?

On the way to YOUR optimal folding power wheelchair!

To find out all this, do research in specialty stores, on the pages of brochures and on the Internet - the effort is worth it in any case, because you will have to live with your decision for a long time. 

In addition, ask those affected who have already had their own experiences. And, very importantly, take a look at the comments and ratings on the Internet: Are all the points that were just mentioned mentioned and praised? 

Then you are already a good deal closer to your solution: a solution that earns your trust through many, many plus points and thus gives you a great deal of security.